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Blue Moon Yurt Experience

Welcome to the Blue Moon Experience! The Blue Moon Yurt is a unique winter culinary adventure in Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho. We combine the exciting activity of cross country skiing or snowshoeing through the park with an ethnic gourmet meal, served in a rustic yurt. Nestled under the pines and on the shores of Payette Lake, our warm cozy yurt is a welcoming sight. As the doors open and the festivities begin, step inside with your new found friends and enjoy the yurt experience. Let us create an evening you won’t forget!

Welcomed by the Blue Moon crew, your evening begins at the activity center in Ponderosa State Park. With the anticipation of a special Blue Moon experience, step into your skis or strap on your snowshoes for the beautiful one mile trek to the yurt. Follow designated ski trails lit only by the glow of tiki torches under the canopy of a majestic old growth ponderosa forest. Your one mile excursion in this pristine setting will only heighten your appetite and lead you to the open doors of the Blue Moon Yurt.

As you step inside, the atmosphere of the yurt is warm and cozy. A rustic wood burning stove creates the hearth and with only candle light and propane lanterns, the yurt radiates a golden glow. Rugs on the floor and décor from Tibet and Mongolia give it that ethnic feel. With the yurt being completely off the grid and all food and gear skied in daily, you’ll suddenly feel like you’ve just stepped from an outdoor rustic setting into your best friends living room. You’ll sit at a table with folks you don’t know, and that is the beauty of the yurt experience.

Settle in with a steaming cup of hot brew and absorb your surroundings. As the evening unfolds, you’ll enjoy a multi course meal of ethnic delights. Launch yourself into the flavor zone with tasty appetizers, soup or salad depending on the menu, entrée’ and dessert. Our cuisine is a full range of exciting ethnic spreads from Thai to Southwest, Cajun, Caribbean and Pacific Northwest delights.

As the evening comes to an end, get ready for your final venture through the park. Strap on those snowshoes or click into your skis and experience the park at night. It’s the combination of skiing by the light of tiki torches, a warm cozy yurt, fun flavorful cuisine and great camaraderie of new friends, that creates an evening you won’t forget!


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